Vita Girl Vintage

When it comes to fashion and style we all like to feel a little bit unique, even if we do end up dressing exactly like our best friends. Vita Girl Vintage, an etsy store run by Harriet and Joelle, is full of high quality vintage items from a variety of brands and gives you the chance to fill your wardrobe with these adorable pieces that you know Primark and Forever21 don’t have racks full of.

Vintage Clothing Photography Model Models Style Fashion
Harriet and Joelle, founders of Vita Girl Vintage

Harriet’s effortless style and Joelle’s masterful eye with a camera mean Vita Girl Vintage selects only the most beautiful clothing and accessories, showcased on their instagram, Twitter and etsy store. As Harriet puts it, Vintage clothing has history, each item has a story. I love the idea of wearing something beautiful that has a beautiful story.” 

Joelle, an accomplished and sought after photographer, uses her keen eye to ensure that every piece is photographed in a beautiful way. So much so that half of me wants prints of their Etsy store photos as well as the clothing! Joelle says, “My first love for vintage started from watching Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was 10. I always loved dressing up and always look for unique clothing that other girls dont have so vintage works perfectly for me. Fashion repeats itself all the time anyway so I think it so neccassary and normal to appreciate vintage.”

Vintage Clothing Fashion Style Beauty Clothes Etsy Vita Girl
I absolutely love this Mickey sweater.

I don’t know about you, but I love looking through vintage stores. If I’m looking for something to wear then it’s often a case of chance, finding that perfect fitting top or dress, but so often I just find myself enjoying the pieces as little fabric works of art.

I am in awe of those, like Harriet and Joelle, who have an expert eye for vintage clothing. Spotting that diamond in the rough is a skill that I don’t have, so sites like Vita Girl Vintage are perfect for me! I love to browse through their gorgeous items and spot things my friends or I might love. Vita Girl Vintage ships worldwide as is based in Southern California, USA.

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