Book Review: Breaking Rules

I was delighted to be approached by young author Chris Reardon about his novella Breaking Rules. This short tale is full of magic and meddling and is sure to keep young and experienced readers hooked until the very last word!

We meet Salina, a bossy and entitled young witch who begins to interfere in other people’s lives for her own gain…and you can only imagine the consequences of such actions! We follow this feisty young character as she battles between the magical and human realms and her difficult relationships with other young people and her troubling desire to control the lives of others. The focus falls on a sixth grade pair, in the human rea With witches and well-rounded characters, Reardon creates a great atmosphere throughout Breaking Rules that keeps you hooked until the end.

If you’re looking to get younger readers interested in books, this is a great start as the plot moves quickly, keeping your attention and not getting too bogged down in detail which can be off putting for inexperienced readers. Filled with magic and adventure, I really enjoyed this book!

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