Travel Tuesday: The British Museum

Once again these winter months I’ve found myself looking at what London has to offer. My home town can be loud and murky, with rain crashing against your face and a sun so obscured by clouds that you wonder if it’s there at all. However, London is full of some really fun and interesting activities, including The British Museum.

The British Museum London UK

Just a short walk from Holborn, Tottenham Court Road or Russell Square tube stations, The British Museum offers history, culture and grandeur on a scale that never fails to impress me. My most recent visit was specifically for the Ming Dynasty exhibition which is one of a handful of exhibits in the museum that require paid tickets to enter. However, the majority of The British Museum is free to explore. The Ming Dynasty collection was fascinating, a beautifully silent section of the bustling museum filled with new information and the most beautiful artefacts, dating back to the 1400s in China. I found myself particularly enamoured by the red lacquer carvings. I didn’t realise until visiting this exhibition that these particular carvings were created by using the boiled sap of a particular tree and layering up to 100 layers on a piece of wood. This process, from start to finished, carved product, could often take a year to complete and wow is the final product beautiful.

Egypt British Museum Sculpture

The exhibition explores the art, culture, agriculture, economics and religion of the Ming Dynasty, providing a snapshot into the so called ’50 Years that Changed China’. The exhibition continues until early January 2015 however, once this particular exhibit is closed, The British Museum has so much more to offer than just this collection. I absolutely love visiting the Ancient Egypt section of the museum, and marvelling at these huge carvings, the fascinating Rosetta Stone and the mystical mummies.


If you’re in London at any point, then head over to The British Museum to feed your mind, your eyes and your stomach (the cafe has some delicious cake).

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