Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

Each city has its own quirky tourist attraction, away from the sight seeing and shopping there’s always something to entrap the travellers. In Hamburg this is the Miniature Wonderland; an entire world (almost) built in perfect miniature. Whilst that might not appeal to you immediately (I had my doubts too) as soon as I stepped into miniature Switzerland I was completely enraptured by the intense detail and meticulous programming that had gone in to creating this beautiful landscape.

Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Germany

What clearly started as an elaborate model railway has now evolved into an enormous project, including a fully working airport, complete with departure board. Day and night fall across the model cities and the lights flicker on and if you’re particularly nosy you can catch a glimpse of the scandalous things these little figures get up to after dark. I particularly enjoyed a raucous office Christmas party scene.

Of course, the most awe inspiring is the model of Hamburg. With the building you are in appearing before you, borrower sized, and I couldn’t help but wonder if a tiny version of me was looking at an even smaller model inside. The spectacular Philharmonie is complete within Miniature Wonderland, whilst outside the real building is still a couple of years away from completion.

Hamburg Miniature Wonderland Airport

In December the entire vast model was covered in tiny twinkling fairy lights, with Santa on various rooftops, delivering his miniature presents. The Iceland and Sweden sections of the model were covered in sparkling snow (made of tiny shards of glass) and I found myself genuinely fascinated by all the work that had gone into this amazing tourist attraction.


It’s a magical little place on the riverbank in Hamburg and you can easily spend a good three hours there. If you’re planning a visit, check online before you leave and you may be able to find good discounts on tickets!

5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland

  1. Thanks for sharing this with me Emily! Looks like we were there at a similar time, I loved all the teeny Santas everywhere.
    I found myself giggling at so many amusing little details, the whole thing was way more than I expected, and I’m such a traingeek 😉

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