Winter Travel: Hamburg Christmas Markets

There’s very little that can make you feel more festive than a Christmas market, and where better to experience one than in Germany? I recently spent a few days in Hamburg where the ice cold air made the smell of mulled wine and cinnamon in the streets even sweeter. Given that flights to Hamburg are frequent and fairly affordable, this is definitely a great place to get your festive fix.

Hamburg Christmas Market Festive Winter Germany Travel There are markets across the city, some small and food focused, some full of toys and one in St. Pauli that has a decidedly red light feel to it! So you’ll never get bored of pottering through these little wonderlands.

There are Christmas decorations and presents to suit any budget, and some of my absolute favourites were the tiny little dolls and Father Christmas decorations that were under €2! There are also loads of intricate pieces of glassware and the most adorable ceramic figures for sale.

Hamburg Christmas Market Angel Decoration Festive Xmas Travel GermanyThe little wooden chalets that house these tempting stalls are a nice cosy shelter from the bitter cold that envelopes the city at this time of year (the average temperature when I was there was around 2 degrees, plus wind chill). You can purchase a nice warm mulled wine, hot chocolate or eggnog to keep you warm whilst you look around the stalls.

IMG_1231There is no shortage of delicious food for sale in Hamburg! I enjoyed currywurst, bratwurst, schnitzel (with the obligatory fries and mayo) and the delicious kasewurst which might be my absolute favourite street food. The stall vendors are all lovely and friendly and when my limited German couldn’t help me they were more than happy to speak in English. Plus, being with a German friend helped a lot!

Price wise, Hamburg is not the cheapest city in the world to visit, however compared to the London prices I am used to it was completely reasonable. If you’ve got access to an oven in your hotel or apartment then you can save loads of money by popping into your local Lidl to pick up some delicious food for dinner.

I had a brilliant time in Hamburg and absolutely fell in love with the city. Expect more posts to come about what I got up to whilst there!


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