Travel Essentials: Last Minute!

The nights are long, the days are short and it’s freezing outside so no wonder a last minute weekend break is so tempting to so many of us! You can grab yourself a cheap weekend away for not much money at this time of year, and whether you want a bit of sunshine or to embrace the festive season at a Christmas market, there’s plenty out there for you! So what are your essentials that you need to pack before you rush out of the door?

euros money travel europe currency exchange blog 1. Currency You can normally get better deals on currency if you buy locally, in the UK the Post Office or Marks and Spencer often do great deals on commisison. However, if you want US Dollars or Euros then the airport rates aren’t that bad.

2. Clothes Pack yourself half as many outfits as your brain tells you you’ll need (not including undies and socks) and you’ll fit so much more in your luggage! If I’m going away for less than 4 nights I try and keep it all in my carry on bag to avoid paying extra fares to check anything in. Plus it saves waiting for your bags at the airport and losing precious time in your weekend destination!

Miniature Toiletries Cosmetics Beauty Travel Size

3. Miniature Toiletries Airport stores tend to have loads of these, so if you don’t have a chance to pick some up before your break then just grab them once you’re in the depature lounge. Do you really need shampoo, conditioner, styling spray and dry shampoo? Keep it to a minimum and you’ll have way more space to fit your souvenirs!

4. Travel Guide Whether you’ve printed off a Trip Advisor list or you’ve picked up a Lonely Planet guide (or, like me and Got The Postcard you have a library of travel guides just waiting to go to your dream destinations) these can be really helpful! Read it on the plane to get an idea of what you want to do and see during your brief break!

5. Transport Plan Are you taking public transport, getting a taxi or using a less conventional service?  Turo is a car sharing service that takes the corporate hassle out of car rentals and is a great way to ensure you’ve got a ride at your destination!  However you choose to travel, have a plan in mind to avoid waiting around once you get to the airport!

Travel Bag Antler Cabin Baggage Luggage

6. A Good Bag A great, sturdy piece of cabin size baggage makes all the difference when travelling as you’ll definitely cram it with lots of goodies. I also like to pack a compact and somewhat waterproof bag to take my money and camera around in once I’m sightseeing.

And of course your passport, travel insurance and tickets! Have fun!

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