Travel Tuesday: Corsica

The Mediterranean is filled with gorgeous cities, none more so than Calvi in Corsica. With water so clear and blue that swimming in it feels like you would be polluting it.


This town is steeped in history, nowhere more so than the old town sitting a-top an imposingly steep hill. Getting up the first few feet of cobbled slopes is a slight challenge but the culture and views that greet you are well worth it. Up here time seems to have stood still. The lanes are quiet and churches beautiful yet simple and a sandy colour contrasts with the bright glimmering blue of the Mediterranean that surrounds you.


We happily spent a few hours clambering around the old town, marvelling at the views, the beautiful architecture and basking in the sun. Calvi is really somewhere I could unwind for weeks at a time if I had the time and money!

The quayside is littered with restaurants and cafes that are full of French delights and some rather exotic looking cocktails. Watch the prices of these as whilst some things can be a good deal you might get stung elsewhere! Walking further past the restaurants and away from the old town you reach the beaches of Calvi which are just as picturesque.

Truly one of the most calming and beautiful places I have ever visited, I would absolutely recommend taking a trip to Corsica, particularly in September/October once the summer season has started to fade and the crowds have begun to disperse.




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