Make Up Monday: Urban Decay Mascara

When my absolute favourite mascara the Maybelline Great Lash ran out I decided to indulge a little and purchase the Urban Decay Perversion mascara which was on offer with the primer as well. This could start me on a whole little rant about the name of makeup products…I’m not entirely sure whether I’m supposed to feel like some sort of sinful little harlot just for wearing mascara or a “Walk of Shame” eye shadow or whether it’s some sort of ironic nod to old fashioned perceptions of women, or if it’s just a name.


There’s a brilliant line in 30 Rock where Jenna is questioned about her lipstick and she responds, “I wear Tiger Orgasm”, perfectly pinpointing, with Tina Fey’s classic accuracy the inherent sexuality in makeup. I suppose one could argue that makeup’s perceived purpose is to make women more attractive to their desired partners but why is it so blatant and why does it use such inherently shameful language? Why is a woman perverted, or shamed through the names of her products?


Aside from my issues with the name, I’ve really enjoyed this mascara and have found the primer particularly useful when I want a big bold lash. For day to day wear just a quick slick of the mascara on unprimed lashes (the horror) is perfectly sufficient. A little pricier than standard Boots/Superdrug ranges but if you want to treat yourself then go for it! However…let’s come up with a slightly different name for makeup products. Let’s empower women in everything they own and use!

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