Travel Tuesday: What’s In My Bag? City Break!

I love city breaks. Whether they’re just a long weekend on a super cheap deal or a five day spectacular, I love experiencing the food, the culture and fun of cities around the world. So…what do I pack?

Whats In My Bag City Break

Wash bagMakeup BagHeadphonesTravel GuideSuitcase (Similar) – Document Wallet (Similar)

The Bag

For city breaks I always try and get everything I need into a cabin baggage sized bag. This makes it easier to get to and from the airport with and means you’re restricted on how much you can spend on souvenirs – an absolute must for me otherwise I would own every single pair of fluffy clogs that Amsterdam has on sale. I’ve got this little blue number from Antler which is really sturdy and fits plenty in.


If you’re anything like me, your instinct is always to pack about three times as much clothing as you’ll need, “just in case”. Don’t be fooled by your desire to do this! Can you cope with one pair of jeans for three days? Almost definitely. Will one hoodie, one jacket and a couple of tops suffice? Yes. Will having only one fancy evening outfit offend the entire population of whichever country you are visiting? No! Keep your clothing to a minimum. Except for socks. You will always need more socks.



I keep it to two pairs, one pair of super comfy shoes that I wear on the plane or train and then one pair of slightly smarter shoes in my luggage. Wet feet are my city break pet peeve so a spare pair of shoes and socks is always a must!




As I always aim to take my luggage in the cabin with me my liquids must fit in a small plastic bag. It’s a great way of limiting how much I can take but it can make things a little tricky! Just remember, if all else fails, you can always pop into a shop in the departures lounge and pick up anything you’ve left behind. My staples are – deodorant, face wash, dry shampoo, foundation, mascara, toothpaste and shampoo. If I can fit anything else in then it’s a bonus! If you’re heading anywhere hot make sure you have sun cream on you!


I like to pick up a guide book and swot up on where I’m going, as well as browse the interest before I leave. Whilst most hotels offer some sort of complimentary wireless you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Paris with no idea where you want to be, so I love having a small guidebook with a map on me at all times.

A camera is of course vital, to capture all those artistic shots of buildings. Try and take a photo of the sign saying what the building is, just to give yourself a reminder once you get home of what is what! I also like to take a notebook with me, to jot down interesting places and what we did each day. This is really helpful for writing up blog posts once I am back home!

I like to keep a document wallet on me, that has my insurance details and travel documents securely inside. This helps you find what you need quickly at the airport and also means you can lock it all away once you’re at your hotel or hostel. Finally, I take my iPod and a good book to keep me entertained on the plane and in the airport and a good pair of headphones to drown out the engine noise of the plane.

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