Lush for Spot Prone Skin

Having had acne since my early teens, I am well versed in the various products and treatments available for it. Having ploughed through many of them, my sensitive skin needed a little all natural TLC so I spent a few months using exclusively Lush products to try and control my acne, reduce the oil on my skin and calm the scarring from spots of days past. The theory behind this was that I would be supporting cruelty free cosmetics, and reducing the amount of harsh chemicals used on my skin. In doing this I found my true trio of spot fighting products that really made a difference to my skin.

I purchased a pot of Dark Angels facial cleanser, Tea Tree Water Toner and the Grease Lightning tea tree serum. This killer combination promised great things, all of which would hopefully help manage my spots!

photo 4


Dark Angels is the harshest of Lush’s cleansers and is a pretty intimidating beast to lather onto your face. It’s an intense charcoal scrub that smells incredible. I use it once a day as any more than that, the exfoliating effects start to leave my skin slightly red. The charcoal helps to soak up the excess oils in my skin, and the strong exfoliating particles are great at working out my scarring. Obviously this isn’t an overnight cure for acne scars, but I do notice my skin feels significantly softer and the pock marks are much less obvious. One pot, used once a day lasts about three months – roughly the same as the expiry date given on the packaging which is handy! I simply splash warm water on my face, then take a hazelnut sized piece of cleanser, and a drop of water and rub into my skin in circular motions. Due to the abrasive nature of the scrub you won’t want to be too firm! I then leave it on my skin for a further thirty seconds or so, in the hope that this encourages the charcoal to absorb as much oil as possible, before washing off thoroughly with warm water. Be warned, Dark Angels may be incredibly effective but it does have a habit of staining your towels, so make sure you wash it all off!

Tea Tree toner water is great to freshen up your face and the tea tree oil in it means it helps to manage excess oils and can calm down any redness of spots. I simply spray a few squirts on to my face after using Dark Angels and then wipe with a small cotton pad. Plus, it’s great at getting any excess charcoal off your face!

photo 2

Grease Lightning is my little bottle of magic. It’s a tea tree serum that soothes fiery spots, and helps to prevent new ones from forming. I place a tiny bit on my finger and dab lightly on areas that need it most! It genuinely helps to calm down any redness and swelling within a few hours, and smells so fresh and clean, you can’t help but think it’s doing good. It does make my skin tingle a little, and I was cautious at first as I know how sensitive it can be at times but I’ve so far had no problems with this range of products from Lush.

Overall this is a great little range of products and can really help manage oily and acne prone skin. I would recommend asking the Lush staff for a small sample of products like Dark Angels before you commit to a whole pot, as your skin may not tolerate such strong cleansing. Another great cleanser from Lush is Aqua Marina which is less abrasive than Dark Angels but still has strong cleansing properties. Once again, I’d recommend asking for a sample in Lush just to make sure! At least that’s one thing you can guarantee with any visit to a Lush store – they’re happy to let you try out the products and will do their best to offer recommendations. Hold your own against any hard handed sales pitches though!

3 thoughts on “Lush for Spot Prone Skin

  1. I always wander round pharmacies looking for oil/spot reducing products but the labels always scare me (soooo many chemicals I can’t pronounce!) – I hadn’t thought of Lush so thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the extra little tips, “recommend asking the Lush staff for a small sample of products like Dark Angels before you commit to a whole pot, as your skin may not tolerate such strong cleansing.” Definitely going to try some samples first as I have very sensitive skin!

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