Zoella Beauty

This weekend I indulged a little and ordered the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar, Beauty Bag and Scented Candle. When I first heard of Zoella’s pamper range I wasn’t too fussed but there’s something about the packaging, the product names and the actual products themselves that intrigued me! They collectively look adorable, with a unifying coral and polka dot theme. The fragrance is a light and fresh vanilla that will no doubt appeal to most people.

photo 1

It’s amazing that internet personalities such as Zoella and Tanya Burr are now becoming commercial entities outside of the YouTube and blogger bubble. Through the management of Gleam, these stars are utilising their huge audience and the trust that audience has in them, to become a whole brand based on one person. It’s an impressive feat and really demonstrates just how powerful one girl’s opinions as she sits on her laptop can be.  I can’t deny I am impressed and a little envious of this band of uber successful YouTubers and bloggers who are proving that determination, dedication and a whole lot of love for your audience can really prove to be a success story!

Fizz Bar

The Fizz Bar works like any regular bath bomb but with one crucial benefit – you can use as much or as little as you like! With eight squares, you can indulge and have a four square bath, a quick midweek one square dip or a standard Sunday two square pamper. This little design quirk means that for £5 you can potentially have eight beautifully scented baths. Lovely!

photo 3

Beauty Bag

I can’t deny it; the little guinea pig face staring at me is what enticed me to buy this beauty bag. At £8 it is a tiny bit pricier than I wouldn’t normally go on a makeup bag (Primark girl at heart) but it is adorable and I couldn’t help but support a blogger!

The bag is made of good quality material and I love the pinky coral colour of it. It’s big enough to hold a handful of brushes and my day to day make up and face wash. So it’s sitting on my dresser cheering up the place quite nicely!


Scented Candle

This whole range is deliciously scented with a fresh and delicate fragrance, and that all comes together in this adorable candle. It’s a fairly small candle for £5 but when you compare the price of Yankee Candles, it’s a bargain! I’m really looking forward to sitting at my desk with a hot chocolate, this candle lit and blogging away.

The Zoella Beauty range also includes a bubble bath, body lotion and body mist, all under £8 and all in the same fresh and light scent. I imagine an awful lot of people are going to be getting these goodies in their stockings this Christmas!

You can purchase the range at Feel Unique or Superdrug.

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