Feminism Is My Jam Tag

As a subscriber of Five Awesome Girls back in the day, I am a loyal fan of Kristina Horner and I’ve really enjoyed her content over the last couple of months. Last week Kristina uploaded a video entitled the ‘Feminism Is My Jam’ tag, in collaboration with Feminist Apparel, who makes brilliant and hilarious feminist merchandise. I was inspired to join the tag, and contribute my own video to the conversation, and hopefully bring more people to feminism.

It seems appropriate to join this debate, with the ongoing issues within the YouTube community, and Emma Watson’s wonderful HeForShe speech. I hope that my video, along with the many others, will encourage people to join the movement and clear the clouds around feminism.

I have tagged the wonderfull Cazzy Bean and Bobbi Grae to make their video responses, and the amazing HowlieT. Go girls go!

The questions are:

How and when did you realise you were a feminist?

What is your favourite feminist book/movie/song?

Where do you go to read up on current feminist topics?

How do you treat yourself?

What is the most effective way to explain feminism to a newbie?

Fill in the blank: I kick the patriarchy to the curb by ______.

Do you have any feminist YouTubers/Bloggers to recommend?

What is your favourite Feminist Apparel tshirt, and why?


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