Menu – Sweet and Salty Figs

As September draws to a close, and barbeques are no long a viable option, I thought I’d post my favourite early autumn menu, which I enjoy making as much as I enjoy eating! These sweet and salty figs are really easy to make, taste delicious and my parents love them!

My aim is to blend the big earthy flavours of autumn with the last light and fruity flavours of summer. For this blog post I’ll detail my starter/appetizer and throughout the rest of this week I’ll finish the meal!

 Starter – Sweet and Salty Figs (Serves 4): photo (2)

4 figs

Balsamic Vinegar

1 pack of Parma ham

Goat Cheese

Olive Oil



I absolutely love figs, and the sweetness goes really well with the salt of the Parma ham. At this time of year figs are everywhere and aren’t too expensive! I like to serve this with some warm bread and some oil and vinegar to dip it in.

photo (4)

First halve the figs length ways and lightly brush each half with balsamic vinegar. Then take a small slice of goat’s cheese and lay on top of each fig half. If you’re vegetarian, you just need to add a drop of olive oil and you’re good to go! However, for the meatier option, take a narrow slice of Parma ham (cutting Parma ham is a nightmare, but it’s worth it!) and wrap this around each fig half, encasing the cheese. Then add a drop of olive oil and page on a baking sheet.

The figs need baking for 8-10 minutes at 180 degrees (350 Farenheit). Once they’re cooked, display on a plate with a little rocket and grated parmesan and you’re good to go! I did once try eating these with my fingers but be warned, the jammy inside of the fig will insist on going EVERYWHERE.

I hope you enjoy these yummy little starters and if you make any of your own I’d love to see pictures! Tweet me! @cpfcrox


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