September Favourites!

Okay so to go along with my shockingly poor quality YouTube video (I’m working on it, I promise), I thought I’d get back in the swing of things with my September Favourites!

photo 3

1. Amber Romance – Victoria’s Secret

This fragrance is completely scrummy and just lovely for this time of year when the leaves are turning. It’s sweet in a light and not too “Glitter Babes” (does anyone else remember that range in Boots?). It’s got a vanilla tone to it, and I love the colour of the bottle. This is probably the third or fourth bottle of Amber Romance I’ve owned. It’s definitely cheaper to buy in America than the UK Victoria’s Secret store and can be purchased online here.


2. The Circle – Dave Eggers

I reviewed The Circle a couple of months ago on here and recently re-read it. It’s still absolutely mesmerising and Eggers manages to capture all my concerns and loves of the digital world in one insightful novel. If my first blog post about The Circle didn’t entice you to read it then I hope this one will!  Following the progression of Mae through the ranks at this all knowing, all seeing digital enterprise, The Circle, this novel includes romance, intrigue and an abundance of sinister 1984 style moments of clarity. It’s available on Amazon or through Waterstones and it will have you hooked, I promise.

3. Blanket Wrap – New Look

With the arrival of Autumn comes the arrival of chilly mornings waiting for the train and I am outrageously happy that New Look have discovered a way to turn chilly mornings into a cosy delight – hot chocolate optional. The Blanket Wrap that is all over their stores at the moment is basically my favourite fashion item in a long time. It’s a hybrid pashmina and oversized scarf and is essentially the comfiest item ever. I’ve not entirely worked out how best to wear it though! If I had the guts I think it would looks great with some smart leggings, boots and a plain top. Regardless of fashion sense, it’s comfy and cosy!


photo 1

4. PINK Water Bottle – Victoria’s Secret

I saw this in Victoria’s Secret and let out a little whimper of delight. It’s huge, it’s pink and it quotes Mean Girls, what more do you want from a water bottle? I am not exactly a gym bunny but I do a fair bit of musical theatre, which definitely requires an enormous amount of water. Obviously.


5. Purple M&Ms – The M&M Store

Purple M&Ms have been dancing around my mind for years, ever since I first went in the M&M store in New York. I finally bit the bullet and bought a back of regular and peanut purple M&Ms. I was expected it to be far more expensive than it was, this bag cost around £2 so I was pretty chuffed with my M&M based self control! The store is crazy and they pump the sickly sweet scent of American chocolate across all four levels. If you’ve not been in there it’s definitely worth popping by, even if you just want to escape the rain of Leicester Square!


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