February Favourites!

Though the shortest month of the year, February was still jam packed with holidays, drama and dog walks!

Image-1 (7)

1. Vanity Fair

My love affair with this magazine began when I was about seventeen, and just discovering this kind of monthly publication. Though I have been known to shamelessly gorge myself on the gossip mags, there’s something  much more satisfying about the pages of Vanity Fair. Heavy with ink, they hold a power over me and keep me engaged for hours after I finish reading each article. There is always the same complaint with this kind of magazine – so many full page ads. However, it’s a small price to pay in a world where readership is hard to come by, for such excellent writing on such a variety of topics. A copy of Vanity Fair and you’re well away for a few hours of thought provoking reading. I promise, even an interview with Buddy Valastro will leave you pondering your life choices.

2. Brownies

This Christmas my brother decided what I needed most in the world was a brownie maker and this month I finally got around to giving the little contraption a go. Think a toastie maker, but with a delicious chocolatey result, rather than the equally tasty cheesy mess. So far so good, each batch of mix produces around 16 perfectly formed brownies and all the recipes that come with the maker are really easy to follow. I mean, how can you go wrong when your main ingredients are chocolate, more chocolate and butter?

Image-1 (6)

3. Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea Lotus

Many years ago, my friends and I were obsessed with the movie Chicago and therefore equally as besotted with Catherine Zeta Jones,who had just become the face of Elizabeth Arden. Therefore we dutifully went to the store and sniffed the fragrances, settling on Green Tea as our favourite for its fresh and clean scent. My parents, entirely unaware of this, brought me a bottle of Green Tea Lotus back from holiday and this new take on the now classic perfume is really beautiful. Just as light and easy on the nose as the original, with just a delicate hint of sweetness, making it a youthful yet sophisticated fragrance. I absolutely love it!


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