Spotty Sunday | Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Review

Since these posts are always the most read, I’ve decided to dedicate Sundays to spots! Disgusting as it sounds, there are plenty of products, medicines and lifestyle options out there that promise to cure you of bad skin, so I will be putting them to the test, so you don’t have to! Although it is worth bearing in mind that everyone’s skin and body reacts differently to things, so use common sense and try things out and see what works.

This week I’m reviewing Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. An intimidating name, but can spots be scared off of your face? In recent weeks I’ve been a big fan of Lush’s products, as I try and cut down on the amount of chemicals on my skin. On top of this, Lush are one of the more ethical brands on the high street, with environmentally friendly packaging (or lack thereof) and no animal testing. This new natural approach to skincare is still pretty new to me, but I was excited to try Cosmetic Warrior as it promised great things.

With the lethal sounding combination of tea tree oil and fresh garlic, I was initially worried my face would smell revolting after using this mask but, nothing to fear! Cosmetic Warrior smells fresh and clean, with the tea tree oil being the most prominent fragrance. The mask is REALLY thick in consistency, but once on your skin you can spread it quite nicely. I use a reasonably generous layer on my skin, and use it about twice a week. As it’s a fresh mask it has to be kept in the fridge and lasts around a month after purchase. As with all Lush products it’s got a use by date printed on that slightly creepy label telling me Hannah made me my face mask. Thanks Hannah!

After three weeks use I can notice a difference in my skin! The natural ingredients and soothing quality of the mask mean that it’s a welcome break from all that exfoliation I put my face through. You can really feel a gentle tingle from the mask as you put it on, and it leaves my skin feeling smooth, with no excess oil. After years of antibiotics, salicylic acid and who knows what else being thrown at it, my face is very sensitive but this mask hasn’t affected me badly at all. Image-1 (2)It’s perfect for after a bath, when your pores are open from the warmth. I just use warm water to wash it off, and then the Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser to complete my skin detox!

At £5.95 for 75 grams it’s not the cheapest thing on the High Street but equally it is very reasonable compared to some higher end stuff. Someone recently tried to sell me a £72 moisturiser which just seems insane to me. Using it two to three times a week has been really helpful to clear up some blackheads and definitely seems to keep those pesky over active oils at bay. Worth a try if you want to keep your skincare routine really natural and as chemical free as you can. You can buy Cosmetic Warrior here on the Lush UK site.

Let me know if there’s anything else you want me to cover on Spotty Sundays! Tweet me, email me or comment!


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