January Favourites!

After the sparkle of Christmas, January can be a bit of a slog, but I’m quite lucky in that my birthday falls in January meaning a little windfall of presents brightens up the new year! My favourites of this month are a few things that have added some much needed sparkle to the washout that was January 2014!

1. Candy Kittens Recipe Book

I was given this for my birthday, as a self confessed Made In Chelsea addict it was the perfect present to give me and my sweet tooth!

There are endless tips on the perfect “PARDY” outfit, yes, it is written PARDY throughout the book. If you can forgive that, the recipes are actually rather great and I plan on trying out some of the most delicious looking ones soon. They even have a recipe for peppermint bark which is something we don’t really get in the UK. The book also cleverly avoids having any noted author and merely lists Jamie Laing as being “as seen on TV”.


2. Lush

After years of avoiding Lush as the scent that drifted down the shopping centre was too much for me to handle, I braved it inside and found cosmetic heaven! I recently reviewed their face scrub Let The Good Times Roll and loved it, and since then I’ve branched out into their bubble bars, lips scrubs and more. It all smells divine, works a treat on my skin and is a welcome change to my usual cheap bath products. I particularly love the Mint Julips lip scrub which smells like After Eight and tastes yummy!

3. Community

Six seasons and a movie!

Back on screens of every shape and size, Community remains one of my all time favourite TV shows, and my biggest Saturday night plans of January included a marathon watch of Season 1 whilst drinking from our prized Troy and Abed in the Morning mugs. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s based around a group of unlikely friends who meet at a Community College. The humour can vary between broad and painfully dry and the characters are perfectly detailed, evolving in every way. Of course, Troy and Abed are my favourites!

4. Pizza Express

When you’re absolutely broke from Christmas, and what little money you did have you spent in Lush (guilty!), a dinner out seems an unlikely option. However, with a voucher for almost every day of the week, Pizza Express is my absolute favourite for a cheap, cheerful and most importantly tasty night out. If you’ve got a friend who’s managing to keep their healthy eating resolutions then there are plenty of low calorie choices for them too. Personal favourites being the Etna pizza and the fig and mascarpone dessert. YUM.

5. Wicked

This month I saw Wicked with a friend, we got hold of super cheap tickets in great seats and had the best time. I still can’t entirely get used to the London cast having British accents but still love the show. I can’t deny that I always tear up in Defying Gravity! Find out how we got cheap tickets here https://thatemily.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/date-london-theatre/

6. Chili Hot Chocolate

I’ve always loved hot chocolate but having found a place in Richmond that serves chili hot choc it’s now my absolute favourite drink. Sorry Vanilla Spice Latte!


I’m bound to think of loads more of my January favourites but these are my top so far! Looking forward to February now!


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