Reaction | The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

If I were to post a reaction video for The Fault In Our Stars trailer, it would just be five minutes of this:

So perhaps it is better to blog this kind of thing!

From the moment I got my hands on my beautiful signed copy of The Fault In Our Stars, you could see the cinematic potential of the book. Not only was there an established and faithful audience thanks to John Green’s masterful online life, the book itself is full of familiar and unfamiliar settings, all beautifully described by Hazel Grace Lancaster. So of course, two years after publication, and with some tantalising behind the scenes moments posted on the Vlogbrothers over the last few months, John Green’s public is waiting!

The trailer doesn’t disappoint. With Hazel’s commentary throughout we get a real sense that the film will hopefully be a relatively true adaptation of the book. With its emotive content and romantic leads, The Fault in Our Stars is bound to stir some emotions, and the trailer lets us know what we’re in for. With the sweeping shots of Amsterdam and the close up reality of life for Hazel Grace, even the 12 second teaser caused me to well up. Yes, of course I’m emotionally invested in these characters, but so is everyone else who has read the book, and all the millions who will read the book in the future.

Moments of heart melting adorableness between Hazel and Gus had my eyes filling and my heart breaking. The way they smile, touch and gaze at each other feels so real and will absolutely have fans squealing – I was. The honesty and intelligence of the way Hazel and Gus speak to each other in the book comes through in the trailer and I find myself willing for an alternate ending for them both; a happy ending to their sad story. Fans of the book will be happy to see things like the swingset, and to hear Gus’ immensly romantic, “I’m in love with you…I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable…and I am in love with you.”  We all fell in love with Gus on paper, and it looks as though we’ll get to fall in love with him all over again on screen.



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