E.L.F. – Clear Skin Cosmetics

Almost a year after my first post on problem skincare, it’s still consistently one of the most read on my blog. So I thought I’d do a few more posts of tips, tricks and products for oily and acne prone skin; starting with E.LF.’s Clarifying Pressed Powder!

The first thing is the obvious, in fact, Christina Aguilera said it best, “you are beautiful no matter what they say.” But I understand, as much as you can try and tell yourself it doesn’t matter there is often a niggling feeling, a desire, even envy for those with perfect hair and skin. So what are the best products and tricks that actually work?

Image: http://eyeslipsface.co.uk

The main active ingredient in a lot of clear skin products is salicylic acid which dries out the skin of its natural oils. Whilst effective, this must be used in moderation as completely drying the skin out can make matters worse! E.L.F., a brand not widely known in the UK do some great clarifying powers that contain 1% salicylic acid – not enough to do any damage, but just enough to subdue any excess grease, giving you a long lasting matte finish. The best part about all E.L.F. cosmetics is the price! http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/ This powder is a snip at £1.50 so absolutely worth a try.

Having searched online for reviews of the Clarifying Powder I decided to pick the lightest colour (they come up a bit dark) and use it on top of concealer and foundation, in an attempt to keep a matte look throughout the day. It was reasonably effective, and I absolutely couldn’t complain for the price! The coverage is okay, and on top of concealer works fine. And with so major break outs, so far so good! I’m hoping to try out some of E.LF.’s mineral range to see if this keeps the dreaded breakouts at bay.

The best way to avoid breakouts is to keep makeup to a minimal, but sometimes we all need a little boost and E.L.F. provide that, within budget!

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