Lush – Let The Good Times Roll

Fellow blogger Caz from has long been telling me to cut down on the amount of acid and chemicals I freely throw on my skin in an attempt to control spots, hide scars and remove make up. I have finally heeded her advice, and after years of being unable to go near a Lush shop I braved it inside.

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I always find shops that focus on customer interaction really uncomfortable, making shopping in America a minefield of social awkwardness. However; there’s something about the Lush staff that is far easier to handle. This is beside the point of course, the key is, does Let The Good Times Roll do what it says on the tin?

Image-1The scrub I initially went to buy was the Ocean Salt cleanser, but after a quick chat with a sales girl we decided my sensitive skin wouldn’t react favourably to the vodka and large salt crystals in that scrub. She recommended Let The good Times Roll, and I was smitten by the smell! It’s a really sweet scent, and interspersed in the cleanser are bits of popcorn, with the exfolitation of maize flour and polenta. Initially I worried that a sweet, buttery scrub wouldn’t have the desired affect, and would even cause me to break out but I was assured the natural oils would be beneficial to my skin. In good faith I purchased a small tub of it (for £6.35…far more expensive than my usual face washes) to try.

After a couple of weeks of using this each evening, and Simple’s Oil Balancing Scrub in the mornings I can genuinely feel a difference. The scent of this scrub is sweet but not overpowering, and the natural oils combined with the intense exfoliation mean my face feels smooth but not greasy. So far it hasn’t affected my skin negatively – I was anticipating perhaps a return of my acne. In time I anticipate this face wash will be great in terms of healing my scars and other marks. Of course, as ever, the best ingredient in any skincare product is the way you apply it and simple circular movements across my face do the trick!

Whilst Let The Good Times Roll is a little pricier than I have previously gone for, I can absolutely feel a difference in not using so much salicylic acid on my skin. Definitely worth a try, if for nothing else than the heavenly smell. Gentle enough for normal skin and powerful enough to help combat problem skin. I know that Lush recommend Herbalism as a treatment for problem skin, so I will probably try that out soon!

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