Quick Fix Facials Anti Blemish Mask – Review

Desperate times call for desperate measures so they say, and when it comes to trying new skin clearing products I’m all for it.

photo (7)New in Boots this week was the Quick Fix Facials Anti Blemish Mask, part of a collection of Quick Fix products recognisable by their bold and brightly coloured packaging. This week the mask was on sale for a little under £4, I believe the RRP is around £4.99. Not one to resist a bargain or trying something new I picked up the Anti Blemish Mask with hopes of revived and clear skin, as promised by the tube. “Problem Skin? Need a quick fix? Here’s the solution” promised the bright green packaging. Claiming that dead sea mud was the key ingredient in the effectiveness of this mask.


The mask contains tea tree, salicylic acid and mud, all ingredients that sound perfect for clearing up problem skin. The consistency of the mask was relatively thick, stayed on my skin well and after the 10 minutes it was on (as recommended) it wasn’t too dry and cracked as mud masks can sometimes be.

photo (8)So far, so good, however, shortly after washing off the mask (as directed) I found my skin had flared up and was sore and very red, particularly on my cheeks. Of course this may not be a direct fault with the product, and more down to my skin. However, many people who suffer from acne and acne scarring have sensitive skin down to the number of products they use to try and combat spots. I would urge people to test their skin before applying this mask to their face as I suspect the concentration of salicylic acid is a tad higher than most people can cope with. After a couple of hours, a couple more washes with water and holding some ice against the sorest areas my face calmed down.

All in all, I give this 1/5. I’ve learned my lesson and will always test products before using them!

7 thoughts on “Quick Fix Facials Anti Blemish Mask – Review

  1. Hello, i have just used this product and after taking it off i have had the exact same reaction as you mainly on my cheek area, could you tell me how long this lasted for you &what you suggest that i would do? Thank you i would really appreciate a reply as i am worried

  2. I have just had the same reaction it feels like the skin is burning off my face and my face is bright red. I am using ice right now to cool it down, Never again!

  3. Hey, I had the same thing especially on my cheeks too… I wonder if this is normal or some sort of allergic reaction?

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