The Color Run UK – London, July 14th 2013

The UK’s very first Color Run (sponsored by Dulux) took place yesterday in Wembley. Thousands upon thousands of people in crisp, white shirts crammed onto the tube, heading for the start line. The Color Run is a 5k fun run, during which participants get covered in paint powder, all whilst raising money for Stand Up 2 Cancer, a division of Cancer Research UK. Prior to the race we had been sent our kits including a tshirt, sweatband, temporary tattoo and race number. We got ourselves ready and headed for Wembley Park.

Pre-Run clean shirts!

The run was due to start at 3pm, and we were advised to arrive no later than 2:30. Our team assembled at about 2pm and headed for the start, the Color Run organisers had group warm ups going, music playing and a great atmosphere. The 30 degree heat was definitely affecting everyone as we stood in the sunshine, but most people had water on them. My team all wore tutus, which made us easy to find in the crowd! At 3pm the first wave of 1000 runners went through the start, and steadily every 5 minutes the rest of the 15,000 runners began the 5k! We got through in the third wave of people, meaning we began the run at about 3:15.


The intense heat and sunshine, along with the dense crowd, meant that most people adopted a gentle jog for the first kilometre. When we reached the pink zone everyone slowed down so as to cover themselves in as much paint as possible, dancing past the volunteers and even grabbing paint from the roadside to throw at each other. This same structure of a gentle jog and slowing down for the paint zones continued for most people throughout the course. The only water station is at 2.5k which is probably fine if you’re an experienced runner and it’s not quite as hot as it was on July 14th, so the crowds were pretty intense there as people tried desperately to get as much water as they could! The final couple of kilometres were amazing, you double back along the route and everyone was high fiving those running on the other side of the road to them. The atmosphere the whole way around was incredible, people really getting into it as a 15,000 person team rather than individuals running a race.


The Finish Festival was brilliant, thousands of colour covered people dancing, throwing paint and having an amazing time. There was plenty of water and Vita Coco coconut water available for people, as well as staff with hoses and leaf blowers cooling you off and getting the worst of the paint off your clothes before the trek home.

I absolutely recommend The Color Run, it was a fantastic experience. It’s not a race as such, so if you’re looking to beat your best ever 5k time then this isn’t the run for you. However, if you want to get a bit sporty, get a bit messy and have a lot of fun then definitely sign up! There was no parking or bag drop at the London run, so everyone travelled light on public transport. I was half expecting TFL staff to refuse us entry to the station but everyone was completely fine, and getting home wasn’t too much hassle as everyone left in dribs and drabs rather than all at once. My team raised £210 for Stand Up To Cancer, and you can still donate here

The Color Run UK


One thought on “The Color Run UK – London, July 14th 2013

  1. Wow this sounds like an awesome experience and for a great cause. Good for you. I have my run in October. It will be a night run and we are asked to have fun lights like glow sticks. I’m looking forward to it.

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