Face Scrub for Acne and Acne Scars

The last blog post I wrote that dealt with acne and acne scarring received a surprisingly positive response so here goes with round two.

One of the biggest things you deal with when you suffer from acne and the scarring that it leaves behind,  is trying to keep your pores clean and to try and fade the marks left on your face. Garnier‘s new product in their clear skin range is a charcoal scrub, claiming to not only work on clearing your skin but also fading marks, so I put this new addition to their skin care range to the test.


The main difference between Garnier’s charcoal scrub and other scrubs such as Clearasil‘s exfoliating face wash, is the denser concentration of exfoliating particles in the wash. This, combined with the nature of them, as charcoal, seems to encourage absorbtion of the excess oils on my face. Therefore, we can fairly assume that spots will be less likely to arrive whilst using this scrub, although there are obviously no guarantees. In terms of whether this can remove or fade marks and acne scars, we have to hope that the extreme exfoliation as a result of this scrub will encourage new skin growth, ideally, covering the most visible marks and scars on my face.

Clearasil, Neutrogena, Garnier and the other big name skincare brands, tend to bring out new products in the clear skin range quite frequently. Suggesting perhaps that it is rare for any of these products to really have a significant effect and attract an audience. Clearasil is still a staple in most adolescent households, and I would absolutely recommend their cleanser and face wipes for easy make up removal, without leaving behind an oily make up remover residue. The main thing I notice about clear skin products is whether or not they provoke a reaction in my skin, in terms of rashes and other sensitivity. My skin has been through more than its fair share of creams, face washes and antibiotics in an effort to battle acne,  and this has therefore made it extremely sensitive to new products. Thus far, Garnier’s charcoal scrub has not caused any reaction and I am pleased with the results. It is no miracle cure but defintely helps keep spots at bay.

If you want to give Garnier’s Charcoal Scrub a go, you can buy it at Superdrug (the cheapest by far) , Boots, Amazon and online:





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