Get Lucky – Daft Punk

What is being touted as one of the most anticipated singles of the decade, Daft Punk’s new track Get Lucky has a whole lot of hype to live up to, so does it?

There is a certain sound we are accustomed to expecting from Daft Punk, and that absolutely delivers, but not until the second half of the song. This means the anticipation of that electronic vocal and synthesised sound drives us through the first half of Get Lucky, which is full of 70s sounds and a sort of Jamiroquai aura, if that’s not too cheesy to compare Daft Punk to. The inclusion of Pharrell means that whilst the classic Daft Punk sound is evident, we are not plagued by the past, as we were with Fall Out Boy’s come back single.
The bass line basically makes me want to strut down a street pointing and things, a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. I mean that in the best way possible. The break before the synth and vocals come in half way through builds tension and is released by some amazing sounds overlaid by a very chart friendly vocal line. Overall this single is a fresh new sound from Daft Punk, drawing on some of the best bits of popular music history. It’s bound to be a massive hit, so have a listen, learn the words and choreograph an amazing dance routine ready to crack out at a moment’s notice.

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