Strock and Roll

All too often you hear people complaining about the lack of “good” new music, and all too often these people just haven’t made enough of an effort to find music that appeals. Here is where I introduce to you the unsigned, outrageously talented group of musicians that make up Virgin Soldiers,

Pioneering their own brand of contemporary pop music as “strock”, Virgin Soldiers provide a refreshing new sound amongst what can seem like a sea of over produced auto tuned albums. Strock is the cunning combination of rock music with a twist of strings. Creating a sound unlike anything else we hear in the charts. I’m not talking about a Coldplay esque string backing, Virgin Soldiers make the strings an integral part of their music, providing a lush, sweeping sound that really demonstrates how condensed much pop music is.

Their current big hit is a great cover of Linkin Park‘s Numb, demonstrating how talented the band are, in particular their founder James Beeny. Their cover of Numb is a perfect example of how the arrangement for string and vocals can open up a piece of music and breathe new life into it, whilst still retaining the original sentiment.

If you like checking out new and exciting acts, I would absolutely recommend taking a look at Virgin Soliders. Their bright new sound is exciting to listen to and calming to the ear. Their debut single Moon Song was the subject of much campaigning to get an unsigned band into the charts, and their follow up EP received a huge amount of praise. If you need any more convincing of how great they are, they supported McFly, Joan Armatrading and Juan Zelda. They are quickly achieving the recognition they deserve, and with a frankly enormous Twitter following I expect we will soon be hearing a lot more from this talented group of musicians.

Their latest campaign #lovestrock  follows their new collection of songs, starting with the haunting Sitar Song A great performance, if a little melancholy! Do take a look at their music, check out their website and follow them on twitter if you like what you hear!


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