Hold Me – Tom Odell

Critic’s Choice Brit Award winner Tom Odell has released a new single from his highly anticipated album Long Way Down, available for pre-order here http://dft.ba/-TomOdell. The album was initially due for release on 15th April 2013, but due to some cunning marketing wizardry it has now got a release date of June 24th.

Tom Odell’s unmistakable voice echoes through Hold Me, which is a bluesy, boozy anthem. The heavy piano chords drive the piece and the lyrics bring remarkable sentiment. There have been comparisons to Coldplay, but Tom Odell’s youth is definitely what sets him apart from bands like that. The bass line is reminiscent of pop tunes by bands such as The Feeling, but when combined with the high chords on the keys create a new sound that really shows why he was chosen as Critic’s Choice.

ImageThe 22 year old Brit has previously released an EP, containing tracks we can expect to hear on the album. The melancholy ballad Can’t Pretend builds to a dramatic climax, giving Odell’s music a raw soul to it that many criticise contemporary pop for lacking. If you like your music to be passionate with powerful moments, then Tom Odell is absolutely worth taking a look at. His songwriting talent is evident in the accessible yet still musically interesting tracks. Of course, his work will not be to everyone’s taste but you can’t please everyone, can you? I am hoping to be able to see Tom Odell perform live, performances I have seen on YouTube, such as on Jonathan Ross and at the Burberry Fashion show prove him to be a fairly insular character on stage, but this may be down to his age and lack of experience. You can’t dislike someone for being shy, but some audience connection is always nice.

As a single, Hold Me is catchy, engaging and will absolutely appeal to those both broken hearted and experiencing new love, whether for a person, a dog, a video game or a piano. The lyrics are passionate and yet real, “when you hold me in your arms, yeah I can feel your heart”. Something the audience can identify with, can hold onto themselves and find thrills and comfort within the song.

Take a listen, see what you think, is he worthy of the Critic’s Choice award, is he worthy to support The Rolling Stones this summer?


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