Everything You Didn’t Do – Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum has quietly been producing some great music over the last ten years or so, since the release of Pointless Nostalgic in 2002. His latest album, Momentum, is due for release on 20th May 2013 and can be pre-ordered here http://dft.ba/-JamieCullum. The first single to give us a taste of what the new album has in store is Everything You Didn’t Do, a melodic pop song with the faintest hint of Cullum’s jazzier roots.


This single seems to bare more resemblance to Cullum’s album The Pursuit, with the pop friendly tune and catchy chorus. If you were a fan of Music Is Through from The Pursuit than I guarantee you’ll love Everything You Didn’t Do. However, if your Cullum preference falls more alongside Fascinating Rhythm and his other jazz standards then this new single may be a tad too contemporary pop for your tastes. Make no mistake, it’s no over produced One Direction single, there is a raw edge and clarity to the instrumentation that gives Everything You Didn’t Do an unmistakeably Jamie Cullum sound. The song builds nicely to a cheery chorus and is perfect sing-along in your car material. All that remains to be seen is whether Momentum follows in the pattern of Cullum’s previous albums and is a mix of pop and jazz, with hopefully the now almost traditional inclusion of a Top 40 cover.

You can listen to the single here Jamie Cullum – Everything You Didn’t Do – Album Version (English) and come to your own conclusions about what we can anticipate from the album!


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