Just Keep Breathing – We The Kings

A surprising and fairly sudden release this week came from We The Kings, with their new single, Just Keep Breathing. The Florida based band, or at least, originally Florida based, have received a recent boost in popularity due to the inclusion of YouTube sensation Charles Trippy as bassist. This single is the second on which Trippy’s bass skills are showcased, the last being Party Fun Love & Radio.


The sound of We The Kings is clear and distinct within Just Keep Breathing. Whilst the evolution of the band is clear, they have not strayed from their emo pop rock roots. On paper, this genre sounds as though it belongs in 2004, but somehow WTK have managed to keep the sound fresh and relevant to the contemporary audience, who are perhaps staunch alternative rockers, or massive One Direction fans. The enthusiasm of the band comes through within this single, and having seen them live I can confirm that they absolutely explode on stage and provide a truly memorable gig. No huge set pieces or fancy tricks, just a group of lads having the time of their life.

The single is on a short promotion in the iTunes US store for just 69 cents and is a mere 79p in the UK store. After just a couple of days of sales, Just Keep Breathing is charting at number 13 in the indie UK chart and has sat happily at number 5 in the US iTunes chart.

If you enjoy lively, melodic pop rock numbers with catchy choruses and a whole lot of heart behind them then why not try Just Keep Breathing? I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album from this band, seeing if they keep their sound new and exciting. Hopefully the new album will not just be an echo of their last three studio albums. Whilst these albums are great fun to listen to, a band does best when they evolve musically as well as maturing as people. Looking forward to what Travis and the guys have in store for us!

Buy the single here:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/just-keep-breathing-single/id632752279


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