LA Diaries – How To: Live The OC Life.

Okay, so we all know The OC has been cancelled for years now, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the most glamorous shows of my teen years, and I will forever hold Adam Brody in my heart. So of course, when visiting California last week, I had to indulge in a bit of the legendary Orange County lifestyle!

First stop: Juice It Up. You can’t start a day of pampering in the sunshine without some vitamin C inside you, can you? The UK is sorely missing in the ice cold delights of Jamba Juice and Juice It up. Sure, we can get smoothies, but there’s something so naughty but nice about these frozen yogurt, juice and ice combinations.

A Lava Flow!

Step two in our Marissa and Summer style day was to head for Happy Nails to get our nails done. A cheap and cheerful manicure (the first I’ve ever had) was relaxing and fun, and after the somewhat traumatising cuticle cutting part, my nails were beautifully shaped and gleaming.

Phase three: Shop Til You Drop.

This isn’t hard in Southern California, or in fact anywhere in California. We headed for The Spectrum outdoor mall and indulged ourselves in some fantasy shopping at stores we could definitely not afford to buy anything in, and some more realistic purchases in Forever 21. Shopping is a different world in California, mainly because I always forget to add the tax when I first arrive and get something of a shock at the til. However, stores tend to carry a variety of sizes and styles of clothing, which is hugely beneficial to tall girls like me!

Finally, we completed our day of pampering with a trip to Balboa Island, just off Newport Beach. Quite the Summer Roberts day.

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