Brit Pop

Arriving into work today, discussion turned immediately to the Brits last night, and who was a deserving winner and who potentially was robbed. Once again, the debate of what is “good music” began. Does anyone have the right to judge somebody based purely on what music they enjoy? Is there such a thing as definitively good music? What is the point of the Brits anyway?

Based on sales alone, this years big winners are Emeli Sande, Rihanna and One Direction. Therefore, we can reasonably assume that these artists were the most popular of 2012, so why the outcry? Why the incessant articles about how bland they are? Sales generate sales, and the music business is just that, a business, they aren’t going to invest hugely in an alternative group pushing boundaries of music unless they see an almost immediate pay off.

However, One Direction winning the global success award, an award conveniently created just this year? I smell a rat there. However, if you have the power to create a Brit just for your artist (I’m looking at you Simon) then why wouldn’t you do it?

Does anyone know if you all get a Brit, or if you have to share one between the band? If so, who out of One Direction got to keep it? We’re all thinking Harry ran off with it aren’t we?

Anyway, bands like Alt J have their place in the music industry, but the Brits was not their forte. Melodious rockers Mumford and Sons deservedly won best British group and their live performance last night proved how entertaining they are, as well as how talented. It definitely shows when a group is innately musical and has gelled well together, plus, these groups tend to have far more staying power in an otherwise fickle industry.

Emeli Sande was gracious and composed, after what has surely been a dream year for the young musician. Taylor Swift looked gorgeous, in what may be the ultimate ex revenge outfit, and the director’s well placed cut to Harry Styles was true genius.

What we must accept, whether we agree with it or not, is that music is neither good nor bad. It is there to thrill, entertain or comfort someone. If we are not that someone then fair enough, but there’s almost definitely at least one person who feels that.




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